Movies Like The Secret – Part 1

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If you’ve seen “The Secret”, you’re most likely heading in the right direction and have possibly watched it a few times. Below is Part 1 of a two part series that will explore some other powerful movies like The Secret

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After watching “The Secret” I have found myself asking more profound questions than simply “Did I turn the oven off?” Questions like how can I use The Law of Attraction to bring good things into my life, do you really get what you focus on, does this visualization stuff really work,  how can I attract more money & better relationships. Since first watching the thought-provoking and slightly controversial movie “The Secret” and applying the principles, I have generated 100’s of 1000’s of dollars online and I have attracted the woman of my dreams into my life.

The movie had a huge impact on me, encouraging me to look at how my thoughts create my reality, and so rather than taking the movie at face value, I felt compelled to dig deeper.  I started asking, “What other movies are out there like “The Secret” that could give me more answers?

It seems we’re not alone. People search the internet everyday for more info and more “guts” on this subject. If you have seen “The Secret”, you are most likely heading in the right direction and have possibly watched it a few times.  Below is Part 1 of a two part series that will explore some other powerful movies that will open up your mind.

“The Secret” Movies – Five Movies Similar To “The Secret”

1. Beyond The Secret

Bob Proctor, who is featured prominently in The Secret movies, along with some of the worldís leading motivational speakers, will steer you on a path that will help you achieve all your goals and dreams. They will take you deeper through The Secret, and give you a blueprint for achieving everything you want out of life.

2. What the Bleep Do We Know?

“Down The Rabbit Hole What The Bleep Do We Know” is part documentary, part drama and part what the heck is going on? It is along the same lines of The Secret movies in that it explores the world of spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics and more. It goes pretty deep into subjects like how the car that you drive and the computer you’re surfing on are not solid objects at all. They are energy and everything in the world is made up of energy. Even the smallest part of our cells, the nucleus, they claim is not a dense compillation of matter, but merely a thought. Consciousness, if you will. Now ponder that for a bit!

3. The Compass

The Compass is a 2-DVD set which brings together top experts on success, personal development, and life coaching. They teach you that who you become is greater than what you get. Your compass is your inner sense of direction that gets you from where you are, to where you want to be.

4. The Shift

The Shift stars Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., who is one of the most acclaimed self-development authors and public speakers in the world. In this engaging film, Dr. Wayne Dyer shows us how to shift our ego away from our emphasis on achievement and accumulation that we learned at a young age, and into a place that allows us to live a more meaningful, focused and purpose-filled life.

5. Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things takes you on a ride through the Law of Attraction. Mike Dooley is a mentor on dreams, life and happiness. He was featured in The Secret movies, and is a bestselling author. In this DVD, he teaches the art of thriving, instead of just surviving. The Law of Attraction is all about visualization, and Mike explains why and how to use this to your advantage.

Where You Can Find These Movies…

As I said, this is just Part 1 of a two part series, “coming to a computer screen near you.” If you’re interested in any of The Secret movies featured here, you can find them by doing a simple Google search to watch online, or you could check out iTunes, Netflix or inquire at your local Blockbuster, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Only you have the power to change your life, and these movies like The Secret will help you on your journey. With so much going on in our daily lives and all the problems and stress we face, we sometimes forget to sit back, relax, and let the Universe just do its thing.

Get on this list right away, because in part 2, I’ll be sharing one movie in particular that got me on the right track and moving forward towards my dreams.

Have You Seen Any Other Movies Like The Secret That Should Make The Next List? Leave me a comment below!

Yours In Mastery,

James K Larson

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  • Posted by Lisa on February 09, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    Great Blog James!
    Loads of information & training to benefit from.
    Thanks for sharing all your valuable wisdom & knowledge for everyone to benefit!

  • Posted by Delia Peruyera on June 11, 2012 at 10:12 am

    Hello James,
    First of all thank you for pouring this wealth of knowledge my way. It amazes me to see you came into that personal growth business I also was in where you made 52k after 9 months. I work it for nine months hard and with fun but my mistake was I quit. I was in it from June 2005 till March 2006. I loved it, but as Brent told me work in your believe even when you do not see it. What happened was I shifted back to my comfort zone, my family. Took them on the last trip. PLease understand I had fun in Cancum with my dad. However I started scuking up the negativity on those around me in that conference. Once I got home to Miami I totally chose to quit finding objections of not having the money to run the website, having a 15 year old at home, having to return to teaching in the classroom to preserve my retirement. What have I learned? I settled for less to merely get a pension of 1600 a month from DCPS after 35 years as a full time employee where I pulled my soul and treated it as my business. Regrets? I did what I could with my emotional self. Which is where I need to continue to grow. I want to thank you for keeping me in your team. This time around even thought I get the compulsion to quit and fall back into what I am comfortable with, I know I must persevere and stay on course to make my wealth and help others do the same.

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